The required paperwork usually varies by country. But principally these types of documents are essential such as;

Demand Letter:

International Manpower Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh mentioning the number of workers required in each category with salary, duty hour, food, accommodation & benefits to workers.

Service Agreement:

Employing Company should provide us service agreement between company and recruitment agency in Bangladesh.

Power of Attorney:

On your letterhead duly attested by Chamber of Commerce of the Bangladesh Ministry of Foreign affairs and the employee’s Embassy in the Bangladesh is required for registration with the Emigration Department in the employee country. In the Power of Attorney, the employer will authorize us to test and conduct interview on their behalf to complete required formalities of the respective country and the embassies of the host countries with regard to manpower recruitment.

Guarantee Letter:

Signed and stamped copy by the employer company should be mention that not to be deploy to other countries for work purpose.

Employment Contract:

One copy each signed and sealed by the employer and employee.

For the Kingdom of Saudi Arab:

Following additional documents are mandatory for KSA only.

Counselor Letter/Authorization Letter, Company Registration copy, Visa Slip (Bank Slip)

Documents should be duly sealed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chamber of Commerce, or concerned government authority and the Nepalese Embassy of the respective country.

For other’s countries: Depend on countries requirement documents