Company Profile

International Manpower Ltd. is one of the most reputed recruitment establishments. Recognized by
the Government of the people’s Republic of Bangladesh. Our registration number is. *****. We have
a team of experts who are very skilled enough to identify skilled and experienced candidates. We as an

overseas placement agency provide an international job for skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled workers with
various corporate giants in Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, United Arab-Emirates, Saudi Arabia,
Malaysia, Asia Pacific Countries, Europian Countries & in others countries including.

International Manpower Ltd. follows a constantly relatively pure process in completing any process
from a responsible position. International Manpower Ltd. as an international recruitment agency, we
provide skilled manpower to meet the needs of various industries such as Construction, Engineering,
Oil and Gas shipping, Hospitality, Medical Services, etc.

Our Mission

To continue our efforts and cooperation for global action and economic prosperity. Building close, lasting, and mutually friendly relationships with all our clients worldwide. We will be committed and committed to providing high-quality hiring service. We firmly believe that our cooperation relationship is undeniable in meeting our goal of moving forward. To that end, there is no substitute for meeting the needs of esteemed clients.

Our Vision

Our company wants to reach a leading role in providing skilled manpower to meet the required employment worldwide

Who we are

The milestone HR consult
Human Resources

We are the leading providers of human care empires business services. We can do to make your life easier with train adviser. An professional are caring and expert employees best training provides with functions.


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Our Strategy

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Company Profile